Michigan vs. Michigan Tech engineering?

Which would be better for an undergraduate education do you think?

In what type of engineering? What companies would you like to work for? Look at the ABET accreditations. Can you afford both?

Civil engineering. I don’t know about companies. I would need financial aid.

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Have you run the NPCs at each? Are you in-state?

Both schools are very good at Civil Engineering. Both my brother and sister in law graduated from UM with Civil Engineering Degrees and they work alongside Michigan Tech civil graduates too. All swear their school is the best. Visit both and decide which one makes you most comfortable

No unbiased person would say Michigan is worse so …

Michigan is definitely top

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I’ve worked, sometimes closely, with several engineers from both places since the early 90’s. Have yet to notice any real difference between the product of the two.

Did not recommend DD look at UM; did ask her to look at MTU, if that means anything.

If we lived in MI, I might float the idea of UG at MTU then graduate school at UM, but not the other way 'round.

Both are exceptional. Michigan State is sometimes forgotten, as well as Kettering and Lawrence Tech, for great engineering schools in Michigan. I would apply to both, although Michigan Tech has a free application. As the moto goes “Michigan tech is easy to get into, it is getting out that is hard.”

You can’t go wrong. A free application as well as a quick response time makes it really hard to not apply to Tech, where a long application and a higher than usual fee is expected at Michigan.

My sis ended up choosing MTU and she loves it!