Michigan's strengths - Non-Academic

<p>Again, Michigan is strong in most respects, but in some ways, it is unbeatable. Here are some of the things where the Universityof Michigan is ranked among the top 5.</p>

<li>Ann Arbor (arguably the best college town in the US)</li>
<li>Building architecture</li>
<li>Football (biggest stadium, incredible schools spirit, top 3 Football program in terms of wins, championships and tradition)</li>
<li>Hockey (Annual conference champions and Frozen Four candidates, 2 National Championships in the last 8 years).</li>
<li>School Spirit</li>
<li>University Hospital (one of the top 5 university owned and run hospitals)</li>
<li>Cultural and intellectual pursuits and offerings</li>

<p>actually, I think last year we finished second in the nation in sports programs overall.</p>

<p>We we first all year until Stanford pulled head in the spring or something? </p>

<p>nonetheless, we also have a top 3 athletic program.</p>

<p>GO BLUE!!</p>