Micro and Macro econ in the same semester?

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>I thought this was the appropriate place to ask this question, since you guys are all business majors like me. I am going take both of these classes online at a community college before I transfer in the fall, and was wondering if you guys think its a good or a bad idea to take macro and micro econ in the same semester? Or should I take Macro first the take micro in the summer during the 8-weeks compared to both at 16-weeks?</p>

<p>This will be my schedule next semester:</p>

<p>Biology 101 Introductory course.
Econ 201 macroeconomics
Econ 202 microeconomics
English 102</p>

<p>My friend, if you cannot handle that coursework/course-load you should think about something other than college. You're taking 12 hours of freshmen classes online at a community college. What a breeze. I never took less than 15 and during my upperclassmen years I always took 18.</p>

<p>haha yeah I know their not a lot, but I'm a huge slacker, and I tend to take every summer semester since I don't like the pressure rather I'd like to stick 12 credits get all A's rather than 15-18 with some B's their and here. But yeah I try to pay it off during the summer like last summer I took 8 credits since I'm currently taking 12 credits, and then eventually next summer I'll be taking 6 credits to pay off my 12 credits spring semester, but who knows I may add a art or history class next spring lol.</p>

<p>A "huge slacker" doesn't gets A's with a few B's. Huge slackers drop out of college, or never attend in the first place.</p>

<p>To help answer your question, I got a C in micro and the next semester got an A in macro. Some of the stuff overlaps but all in all you can pick up what you need to know relatively fast. You don't necessarily need the information from one to take the other, but it will make it a bit easier.</p>

<p>You can take it. In fact, it's like taking one single class because they are similar. I think it would be to you benefit. You will go over the same topics in both classes, and will remember the material better.</p>

<p>This is exactly what I did and it worked out brilliantly. I actually had the same professor for both classes. The first 5 chapters were the same for each class and at least one major assignment was identical for both. I took 21 units that semester and I got A's in both econ classes without trying that hard. I had a good and funny professor though, which helps alot.</p>

<p>Not usually advised at a 4 year school.</p>