Microeconomics/Macroeconomics 2010

<p>This is for all us folks who are taking an AP class or self-studying the 2 economics courses. Not really official, since I didn't get permission from CC itself, but hey, it's a thread :)</p>

<p>Anyways, I'm self-studying. Just ordered my 5-steps-to-a-5 today. Any others?</p>

<p>I have 5 steps to a 5, Princeton Review, and third edition Mankiw Principles of Economics, but I'm sort've confused about how I'm going to study everything. I'm not sure whether I even should study both exams, or do one exam, or do neither.</p>

<p>I wonder if anyone has anything to share on the ease of this as a self-study.</p>

<p>After looking over some books on microeconomics in the library last week, I decided to take the micro exam this may. From what I see so far, the test itself can't be too hard, as the concepts are fairly straight forward. A few concepts to learn here and there. As for how to study, I would just stick with reading prepbooks/textbooks maybe do a few practice tests the week before the exam.</p>

<p>We're on the same boat, Bassir :) I'm self-studying both exams, and am using Mankiw, PR, and 5 steps to a 5. I am simply going to read Mankiw's text first, then in April read PR and 5 steps to a 5. Then a few days before the test, do all the practice tests I can find. </p>

<p>I think I'll also make flashcards to periodically study at school, but that might not happen. Haha, I kind of have a flashcard obsession- flashcards for Euro, Art History, World History, SAT stuff, comp gov, French, Russian, etc etc. My sister literally gave me a shoebox full of flashcards for Christmas :P
And speaking of which- does anyone have a method for storing flashcards? I just kind of have them in piles, but something like a thin CD rack? I need something better to store my 15,000 card pile.</p>

<p>Has anyone heard anything about the difficulty of the eco exams? This isnt really a very popular exam at my school. </p>

Maybe you could get a long ish box? I have a small box for my flash cars but I definitely do not have THAT many cards.</p>


<p>Use one of those metal rings that you can clip things into. Punch a hole in the top left hand corner of all cards, and slide them through. Voila!</p>

<p>@ CanadaBoy: Haha, I considered that but I actually hate those things :P </p>

<p>@ Odyssey212: Yes, a long, narrow box is what I was thinking. I just haven't found the right one yet. </p>

<p>Also, I've heard both econ exams are pretty easy if you prepare well. I think going through a textbook would get you a 5.</p>

<p>I'm self-studying both macro and micro.
Text: McConnell and Brue
Review: Barrons, Princeton
Any other suggestions?</p>

<p>I'm taking an AP Econ class, and we're using McConnell and Brue! Key questions are INCREDIBLY annoying, you're so lucky you're self-studying and don't have to do them for class T____T</p>

<p>I'm gonna do just AP Micro.
I have five steps. Good luck everyone! I self studied a 3 last year, hoping for a 5 as a senior this year to get me a quarter's worth of credit at UChicago.</p>

<p>I'm in Micro this year, Macro next year. What review books are "best"? I hear a lot of different things for the Econ ones.</p>

<p>I'm new to this whole self-study thing and I was wondering: which test is easiest to self-study for. I have no knowledge of economics, but I still want to learn and get a 5. Any ideas? Do I need a textbook or just review books like the ones you mentioned above?</p>

<p>^ Well, I think Macro is easier than Micro, but they're both pretty easy haha, I'm sure a review book will be enough get you through the AP test, but if you want to self-study, just make sure you have the diligence to actually open the book and read XD</p>

<p>5 steps is the best.</p>

<p>i forgot to study factor mkts, and thats all that came up on my exam =[ =[ =[ we had just covered it two days before, so i didnt think itd be on it.</p>

<p>such a shame</p>

<p>So I can pretty much just read the 5 Steps book and actually get a 5? Our school doesn't offer any AP Econ class, but a certain teacher at my school has helped students go through an online AP Econ class. Do I need the class or can I just get a 5 from 5 Steps?</p>

<p>5 steps for a 5 is pretty good. I'd say for this test you definitely don't need a formal class... but it's nice having someone explain it to you. Do you have access to an economics teacher so you can ask questions? or is economics just not offered at your school? I've found that when self-studying it's always a lot nicer to have a teacher or peer alongside with you...</p>

<p>tip for the upcoming 2010 MACRO TEST:
my economics teacher just went to the AP conference and is pretty good friends with one member of the AP review board... there a notion that there is going to be a large emphasis on LONG TERM GROWTH :). just a heads up!</p>

<p>My AP forms are due this week, but I am stuck between self-studying Micro and Macro.
It seems Micro has less concepts in the Course Description, but many people say Macro is easier. </p>

<p>Which one do you advise I take? I do not want to take both because I have 4 other APs to concentrate on, but I want to take 1 of them for sure.</p>

<p>Any seniors who have experienced this are welcome to post.</p>

<p>^^ I think micro is more difficult than macro, but thats just my opinion</p>

<p>Is Barron's preferable? I probably should have come on here prior to purchasing that book.</p>

<p>I think 5 Steps is one of the better ones. PR is pretty good too. Barrons is good only if you have a understanding of the course (like you took it before) and just want to review.</p>