<p>D is taking a microecon class in the fall- the textbook has been described as "voodoo" economics- ...on amazon. :p
( she is thinking of minoring or switching her major to international economics from marine biology-)</p>

<p>I haven't taken economics- just in case she needed it, I was wondering about study guides or addtional sources that might make the topic manageable for her.
( is there a cartoon guide? ) </p>

<p>Oh there is ! :)
I found the Cartoon guide to Genetics, awfully helpful- which I took so long ago they hadn't mapped the DNA yet!</p>

<p>If she is thinking about Econ in general, buy a copy of Paul samulson's theory of economics. Best selling textbook of all time with dozens of editions. It can serve as a great cross reference. Doesn't need to be the current edition at all if she is using as a reference.</p>

<p>It's hard to imagine how Microeconimcs could be "voodoo"; Macro I could understand but not micro.</p>

<p>well I ordered the cartoon book anyway, but thanks for the Samuelson recommendation it sounds like the one to have. Hope this course gives her enough time for her Arabic class.</p>

<p>The McConnell textbook is well regarded; nothing "voodoo economics" about it. I like Krugman/Wells because Paul Krugman writes well, but any leading intro micro book will be fine. Don't worry about political slant. As vinceh hints, political slant is just not relevant for micro.</p>

<p>Mankiw is another highly regarded professor/ textbook author. Your daughter's textbook might have a companion study guide which is potentially useful. My favorite way to find supplementary books is to check them out from the public/ college library. </p>

<p>In general, (I'm not talking about microeconomics specifically) I've found the * Idiot's Guide, For Dummies, , A Cartoon Guide to..., The Manga Guide to..., Schaum's Outlines *, and AP Study Guides useful at one time or the other. For math I like Khan Academy (Khan</a> Academy). For intro courses it's also feasible to look up tutorials on youtube.</p>

<p>The second I read voodoo economics I thought of Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller.</p>

<p>As mentioned, you can't go wrong with Krugman/Wells. Very straightforward read from the guy who recently won a Nobel in Econ.</p>

<p>We've always found the Schaum's guides to be good.</p>

<p>DS just finished microeconomics this summer with the McConnell/Brue/Flynn text and says it was fine. I have an MBA and looking the content over, I would say it seems fine for an intro microecon class.</p>