<p>At orientation we heard that it's possible to rent a microfridge. Thinking of Butler, where does the microfridge fit? How big (or small) is it? It sounded like it might be several times more expensive to rent one than buy one, is there some powerful reason to rent rather than buy?</p>


<p>My sense was that it is mostly the convenience factor - you just unplug it and they come pick it up (and it is waiting in your room when you arrive). IMO worth the money to save the hassle.</p>

<p>I'm not sure if this is entirely legal, but I got away with it: I got a microfridge on eBay and it was in a huge box that the moving day helpers' brought up to my room on moving day. It was a little weathered but still completely functional and cheaper than it was to rent...plus I get to keep it and use it this year.
My Butler friends had their microfridge sitting in the middle of the "desk wall" in front of their window; it served as a divisor.</p>

<p>My daughter was in Butler dorm this year. She rented a microfridge from
Weiner Cort, based in Jefferson, La. They are listed on the housing site.
According to Tulane you must have a combo micro/fridge with one cord,
not a separate microwave and refrigerator. It might have to do with the
electrical wiring in the dorms. Weiner cort will rent you a microfridge for
$230.00 pre-registration prior to August 9th. After that date the cost is
$260.00 and only available during move-in weekend.</p>

<p>They will deliver the unit to the dorm room before move-in day, and remove
it after moving out in May.It was very convenient for my daughter and her
roommate. They split the cost of the microfridge. I believe it was used a
good bit during the year. They also put the unit on top of the middle of the
desk. This part was not being used by either. My daughter packed up by herself
in May,took some items to a storage unit ( shared by three ), and flew home.</p>

<p>We rented. Mine and her roommate fit it in one side of one of the closets, the one without the drawer chest. I ran an extension cord under the closet door and the bed to the outlet, using tape to secure it to the wall. They used it some, not a ton, but it was convenient. They used the fridge a lot more than the microwave.</p>

<p>I think the difference in buying it and then paying for storage, combined with the hassle, makes renting a good option, but you would probably still save a few bucks by buying. But according to the rules, you do have to get a combo unit, not two separate units as was already mentioned. FYI she has a single this year and didn't think it was worth getting it again.</p>

<p>We bought a fridge, DS used it for 2 yrs, and now its in my office at work as the one we had got fried in a power surge. So that worked out that way for us. The summer after freshman yr he stored it at a friends in town. This year we brought it home, packed with stuff inside. </p>

<p>They used the microwave in the common area. Made for more socializing and less snacking.</p>

<p>My S's roommate rented the microfridge. We bought my son his own fridge. The micro was used constantly by both boys. Both fridges were always filled with drinks & food. The two of them never would have survived with just 1 fridge. The microfridge stood next to my son's printer. Because of the overuse of the micro, my son's printer was full of grease & food by year-end (luckily I got it all clean).</p>