Microsoft High School Intern Program

<p>Hi, I'm planning on applying for the Microsoft high school internship, and I'm a sophomore currently. I'm wondering exactly what this internship is like? Thanks</p>

<p>That internship has this requirement “Be a high school junior or senior in the Puget Sound, Washington state area (at the time of application)” so I don’t feel like that many people will be able to answer your question here.</p>

<p>The thing that’s kind of weird is I talked to a Microsoft employee to ask for advice, and she asked my graduation year, and told me to send out my app, so…</p>

<p>The first requirement is to be a high school junior or senior, so you’re not qualified (plus, you HAVE to be 16 which most sophomores aren’t).
Not all Microsoft employees are experts in the high school internship program so I doubt she even read the requirements, or she must have accidentally thought your graduation year meant you were a junior/senior.
Try again next year.</p>

<p>If you feel like you have a really strong app there’s no harm in just applying. I know people that have worked as paid interns in companies as freshmen.</p>

<p>@ataraxis I’m 16, and yes she may have been like what you said</p>

<p>Thanks, and I guess like what leatherlibrarian said, there is no harm in trying</p>

<p>I suppose so, but you should make sure to say that you are a sophomore. Otherwise, it’s kind of being dishonest since you’re trying to work around the requirements.</p>

<p>Ok thanks I will</p>