Microsoft Word question

<p>does anyone know how I can have one part of a line as left-aligned and the other part as right aligned? (on the same line)</p>

<p>you can try to split it into two columns and formatting each column differently or just use tab</p>

<p>Make columns or a text box.</p>

<p>yeah but I only want it for one line (or individual ones) so idk how columns would work. I know you can use section breaks but i'm not quite sure how that works. (this is for my resume)</p>

<p>I just type what I have to on the left side and then press tab to space over to the right side...yeah that's a really informal way of doing it, but it worked....the other thing you could do is have two separate lines...but that takes up room...</p>

<p>You can make one line two-columned. Or make a table and take off lines.</p>