Mid-atlantic d3 golf schools

hello I was interested if anyone had opinion on solid academic schools with d3 golf program/engaged coach/excellent team facilities. thanks in advance, baron.

Seems like NYU would check all those boxes.
I don’t have an opinion or personal experience but I know of someone who was recruited by them this year.

Washington and Lee University

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There are many, depending on your definition of mid-Atlantic. Hamilton, Skidmore, U Rochester, CMU, Dickinson, Franklin and Marshall to start.

Search programs here in each state that is amenable to you: NCAA Directory - Home

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You may want to define this further. In using the word solid, you perhaps have suggested that you will not be applying to highly selective colleges.

To be 100% clear, men’s or women’s golf?

good catch!, boys for sure, and 1250-1300 SAT type school with good rep, knowing full well school is what you make of it!

You might check out Elon’s golf program. I don’t know anything about golf there but seems like Elon might fit your stats. Overall golf is big in NC, of course.

Elon is D1

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Ahh, thanks for the correction.

As a few suggestions, look into Dickinson, Franklin & Marshall and Hobart.

I know nothing about golf and which schools have better facilities or supportive coaches. But, for solid academic schools with men’s D3 golf in the mid-Atlantic, I’d take a look at:

  • Allegheny (PA )
  • Christopher Newport (VA)
  • Elizabethtown (PA )
  • Gettysburg (PA )
  • Goucher (MD)
  • Hampden-Sydney (VA) – men’s school
  • Lycoming (PA )
  • Muhlenberg (PA )
  • U. of Scranton (PA )
  • Ursinus (PA )
  • Virginia Wesleyan
  • Washington & Jefferson (PA )

thanks for the tips! now have new ones to reach out to and confirmation of ones we have already.

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Since a New Jersey school had yet to be mentioned, perhaps take a look at Drew.