Mid-Year Grades

<p>did anyone else get a "Mid-Year Grades" option on your net id page?</p>

<p>yea I did too</p>

<p>did you get in? or are you still waiting like me</p>

<p>I have the link on my student center/MyUW page for mid-year grades. I applied in October and was accepted in early January. Pretty easy to enter first semester grades.</p>

<p>does this mean we enter grades for term one and two?
for ex: I got an A- in Brit Lit 1st term and an A 2nd term (list those seprately?)</p>

<p>I believe you just post your final first semester grades, not your grades by quarter. There is also an option for trimesters if that's what your school's calendar goes by.</p>

<p>if i am still waiting for a decision, would you say that this is a good thing or doesnt mean anything</p>

<p>Until you get a decision all grades matter. And if postponed they really matter.</p>

<p>Remember the final grades for the semester are what they want- the grades that show up on your HS transcript. Those other grades are progress reports that don't show on your transcript. The final grade would include final exam results, however your HS counts them in your final grade.</p>

<p>Does anybody know if we will receive a status that our mid year grades were received?
Also, do postponed applicants have any chances of finding out final decisions before the March 15th deadline?</p>

<p>@Sturbay You mention term 1 and term 2. My son's situation is that he has 4 terms in an academic year as part of a block scheduling format. In the fall, he finished two terms where term 1 is equivalent to one semester and term 2 is equivalent to another semester. If this is your case, then you should submit grades for both terms. You would choose "Other" for course type.</p>