Mid-year Report

I was admitted to George Washington University as an ED1 applicant with a $10,000 merit scholarship.
My GPA was a 3.48 unweighted, 4.1 weighted. SATs were 2150 (790 CR, 720 Math, 640 Writing)
For second quarter I only had 1 C and my GPA was a 3.14. On midterms however, I did even worse and got two C's and a D.
How much is my midyear report going to affect my admission? I've heard that GW only cares if you truly fail, but am I at risk of losing my scholarship or something worse?</p>

<p>For reference, my grades in the class where i got the D on the midterm were an A and a B for 1st and 2nd quarter respectively. </p>