Mid year report?

<p>Do I need to send in a mid-year report for Grinnell to make a final decision, or can I send it in depending on my admission decision?</p>

<p>They won't make a decision without the midyear report.</p>


<p>it's already march dude...you may want to send one in...decisions are being mailed soon.</p>

<p>They want it to help them make the decision. At this late date, maybe your GC would fax it in.</p>

<p>^ ^
I'm actually surprised Grinnell hasn't contacted OP's GC about it. </p>

<p>They had some confusion over my midyear report (apparently they thought it was only the first quarter's grades or something... I dunno), and they called my school about it last week.</p>

<p>I havent got my midyear sent either!!!
But I got accepted early.........</p>

<p>yes...this also happened to a friend of mine. so obviously grinnell isnt too concerned about the midyear.</p>

<p>I wouldn't assume that they don't care about it. They wanted my son's end of the year report and he was accepted early. For the kids who haven't heard yet, I think the report should go in!</p>