mid-year reports

<p>how important are mid-year reports for deferred students?</p>

<p>my grades stayed somewhat consistent, with a slight increase in GPA, but i did have a grade drop in Art....will this play a big influence?</p>

<p>I think junior year grades are still more important, but if your grades were the reason you were deferred, they'll probably be more important. If your ECs/essays/whatever were the reason you were deferred (not that you know this, of course), I doubt they will matter much.</p>

<p>i didnt do too well in the Art class because there was a art history test involved (mostly foreign art) and i wasn't too prepared for the test. </p>

<p>i am not an art major, but i do have Calligraphy and Traditional Chinese Painting as part of my art supplement. that kind of art is way different from the art we learn in class (which is mostly history and memorizing stylistic themes by looking at paintings). would the adcoms be able to realize that, in fact, the grade on the transcript doesn't reflect my artistic capabilities? </p>

<p>or would they just look at the low art grade and then look at my art supplement (including a teacher rec, art slides and resume), and then just laugh at the stark contrast...</p>