Mid-year reports

<p>so my counselor just sent in my mid-year reports to all my colleges and on that report i have a C for ap government!! The reason why i have a C is because my teacher marked one homework as a 0. I am wondering if this will effect their decisions to accept me into their colleges? is there any way that i can fix this? ps. on all of my other AP classes I have A's so would they overlook my C?</p>

<p>sorry but I really have nothing to say. I mean did the teacher put 0 instead of 5 or something? Was it a mistake? Why didn't you ask her about it first?
A C is still far away from an A. It also depends on what colleges you applied to. Since I am not the colleges, I don't know. I mean instead of seeing a perfect straight A's applicant, a C is not that great anymore. A B would look better. That's how I feel. I don't think you can fix anything unless you discussed with your teacher and she changes it for you, then you can tell your counselor to resent it maybe?</p>

sorry but I really have nothing to say.


<p>Which, of course, explains why you proceeded to write a paragraph.</p>

<p>If you didn't actually get a 0 on that assignment, talk to your teacher and counselor to see if the grade can be changed and sent again to the schools as a correction.</p>

<p>i find it hard to believe that one zero for a homework grade caused you to get a c. was it for one assignment
or all homework assignments? there's not much you can do. if you've been a generally good student, i'm sure adcoms can overlook it.</p>

<p>the reason why it went down from an A to a C was because my teacher has only given us little assignments since school started. if you only have for example 5 assignments in the grade book if you get one zero out of those 5 assignments your grades will be lowered drastically. but thanks anyway!</p>

<p>ya i think he did it accidentally because i remember doing it the assignment. thank you</p>