Mid-Year Reports

<p>Do these schools have a specific deadline for them?</p>


<p>I've searched their websites, and they only mention that you have to turn them in...</p>

<p>mid-year report deadlines are pretty lax. just send them in when you're grades come out. I would send them in by the end of this month (January) though.</p>

<p>I'm going to borrow your thread for a related question:
on the common app midyear report's second page, it says "if nothing has changed , you may leave this page blank." does that mean we don't have to send it in or we actually send it inn blank?</p>

<p>alright, thanks</p>

<p>Same question as JohnC613... someone please answer!</p>

<p>It should be sent blank, BUT with the counselor's signature on the first page. You must send a transcript anyway, so why not enclose it in the envelope?</p>