Mid-year transfer, UMD

<p>Like others here, I have a question and concern about transferring mid-year as a freshman. The receiving school will be the University of Maryland. Deadline for Spring is Dec 1, but transcripts from current school won't be available until after Jan 1. I've spoken with the school and all they say is to get the final transcripts in ASAP, and that transfers are on a space available basis. They say they have the student's original application file, which is a good thing. Anyone have any experience with this school or a similar situation? Thanks.</p>

<p>When my D was a freshman, she considered a midyear transfer to UMich, to which she had been accepted earlier. They told us that on the strength of her original app, she could be automatically accepted. Ultimately, she didn't pursue this (but transfered a soph elsewhere.) I assume they would've wanted the Fall transcript, but it was not necessary for the initial transfer acceptance.</p>

<p>Thanks for your info, Garland. Anyone else?</p>

<p>Im applying as a mid year freshman transfer too but not to umd. Did you apply last year as a senior? because they told me i couldnt apply for the spring 2005 semester since i was rejected for the fall 2004 semester, but anyways, the other schools i've talked too (Miami, ohio state, umich) told me to just send in my HS transcript for admissions purposes and if im accepted then i will have to send them my first semester college transcrpit as soon as possible.</p>

<p>VA: My D was accepted for Fall but went to another school. It sounds like you have a shot, good luck!</p>