Middle College

<p>Does anyone have experience with college acceptances for students graduating from "Middle College" programs?
Middle college in our area is a joint program between the HS district and the Community College. Students complete their remaining HS graduation requirements through an independent study program and take 3-12 college units a semester.</p>

<p>My son has 3 friends who attended a Middle College at one of our local community colleges. One is just finished his first year at San Jose State (California), and the other two are at UC Berkeley. All three went in with a number of units that took care of some of their GE requirements. The one at San Jose State was happy to go right into some courses in his major (Film studies). I know that one of the CAL students is re-taking some of his science courses (he's pre-med), because the courses at CAL are more rigorous.</p>

<p>If the students go into regular college with enough college credits to transfer in, my understanding is they could lose out on regular "freshman" financial aid, which sometimes is the most generous. I think that would be my only concern with having my child do a "middle college" program.</p>

<p>I did it, and am heading to UC Davis. The other graduates have gone on to various CSUs (SJ, Chico, SF), UC's (more to Davis, and a few to SC, with one going in as a transfer, having completed her first half of college courses, allowing her to potentially graduate at 19), and privates (Western Washington, Drexel, and a full-ride scholarship to Santa Clara).</p>

<p>teachandmom- the students don't miss out on merit aid for freshmen since they are still considered HS students.
Acuraman93,jgotteach- thank you for the feedback. We are in Ca so the feedback is helpful.
Acuraman- did you explain your reason for leaving the traditional HS setting on your applications?</p>