Middle College

<p>How do colleges consider students coming from middle college? (Middle college is where you go to high school at the community college and you get high school as well as college credit.) I'm a junior right now, at normal high school, but for my senior year, I'm considering doing middle college. I've taken college classes at the community college, and I've enjoyed them much more than high school classes. From what I've heard, middle college is for people who don't do well in normal high school. I do function quite well at my high school. (Took AP Bio and Ap Euro sophmore year, 5's on the exams. 4.14 weighted gpa.) I just don't like how classes work at high school. So, if I do go to middle college for my senior year, how will colleges look at my application? Most likely, I will be going to a UC. (Hopefully Berkeley or LA.) I want to apply for privates as well, most importantly Harvey Mudd. So, any advice would be great.</p>

<p>Some colleges will consider you a freshman applicant because you have completed the AA simultaneously with your high school diploma, of these, after admission they will evaluate your college credits and determine which ones transfer and which ones don't. Other colleges will consider you a transfer applicant because you will have your AA. You really do have to contact each of them specifically about this.</p>

<p>There are any number of reasons for attending a middle college or for taking dual-credit courses. It won't make you look like a "bad" student if you choose to do this. In any case, the colleges will see your grades on your transcripts and it will be very clear to them whether or not you are a good candidate for admissions.</p>