Middle East student here, wat r my chances!!!

<p>hey there, i just sent my comapp 3 days back..havent received any conf. yet, will perhaps try the PIN trick ;)
anyway, i just wanted u guys to review my stats..its just my SAT IIs dat r killin me, no fair man i always had a prob or the other durin the tests!</p>

<p>maths level1C 700
writin- 710
chem- 730</p>

<p>i can explain chem, cuz im a commerce student (right frm grade 9) n hav studied chem for abt 6-7 months(just intro) in high skool!!! plus, the SAT II maths syllabus differs greatly frm the IGCSE and A levels..(wat im takin) n i took them both thru self study.. okay abt english, my report says i omitted 10 MCQs!! i never left a question, let alone 10!!! shesh can u imagine wat my score wudve been if not for dat glitch!!!! (its 710 now...)</p>

<p>i took my SAT I oct 9, waitin for results..fingers crossed of course </p>

<p>well, my gpa would b around 3.8/4.0 considering my IGCSE( 9th n 10th) results , n class rank top 5%</p>

<p>Maths A* (70% independent study)
English A* (60% IS)
Chem A* (95% IS)
Business Studies A* (95% IS)
Economics A* (100% IS)
Accounting A* (95% IS)
Environmental Management A* (60% IS)
Urdu A* (100% IS)</p>

<p>----A* is 95% n above----</p>

<p>the reason u see all those %s is cuz i took my exams early..i mean, IGCSE is a 3 yr course, i took leave frm skool after a year(grade9) n went about studyin on my own n completed the course within 2 yrs..</p>

<p>Im takin A levels right now, will write boards next year,and projected grades are perfect As in all 5 subjects.. im takin the most rigorous course offered.. n studyin economics and statistics independently..</p>

<p>as for my ECs..there r quite a few, all the same..i wudnt list all, i kno it gets tedious readin em!</p>

<p>won several prizes (intra/inter skool) in :-
debate, extempore
creative/expository writin(Esp poetry)
published writer (regular contributor in local magazines: letters to the editor, poetry, 'articulation' views;
freelance: cover stories, school reports, local events reports, poetry published in UK, US, Australia),
acting (drama plus mono),
henna designin (yup its quite an art!),
web and graphics designin,
part time tutorin-chem, maths, eng, urdu, accounts and business studies
henna application in local salons, inter skool badminton champion...(all activities grade 9 thru 11 n still on..)</p>

certificate of honor every trimester in each subject
ceritificate of merit every year (9 thru 11) for outstandin academic achievement
most versatile pupil award winner (2 yrs)
school board exams topper.(perfect grades)
best play award yr 2002 (grade 10)-wrote, directed and acted in the play.</p>

<p>i wanted to take APs..but hell, they clash wid my A level boards timing; besides, ive been told that AP and A levels are considered equivalent..d'u guys agree??</p>

<p>okay, so i can speak arabic and urdu apart frm english ..yeah i kno its bad i cant speak any other lang like french or spanish, but ive never been to a school dat offered any foreign lang except arabic! maybe they'd see arabic as a fresh change or sth.. u know, its all abt diversity at harvard...!!</p>

<p>basically im relyin more on my arabic, henna designin and web/graphics designin.. atleast i havent seen many students postin this in their ECs..plus, the fact dat my parents never went to college, and cannot speak/read/write english AT ALL..(i'd b the first one in my family history to go to college in USA) hmm..? not a very stereotyped candidate here..</p>

<p>So then, what r my chances at harvard as an int'l student????</p>

<p>n hey, gud luck everybody else...hope to see ya all at hav!!! :)
Laila Shabir.</p>