Middle School Courses on Transcript but Different Grading Scales

<p>So in 8th grade I took Algebra I and received a 92 - a B+. This class goes on my high school transcript and says B+ with no number attached to it. However, at my current high school, a 92 is an A-. The different in GPA is pretty significant. How can I let colleges no my Algebra grade is worthy of an A-?</p>


<p>I took Algebra too in 8th grade (with Earth Science). My grade wasn't very good to be happy with. I had a 85, 95, 95. For Earth Science, 80, 95, 95, 95. I wasn't too happy with these grades, and asked if these were going on my transcript, and they said yes.</p>

<p>I think colleges (and hope) know that I took these High School classes in Middle School, and that they were rigorous, so that the grades can reflect. I hope.</p>


<p>It may go on your transcript, but will it go into your GPA?</p>

<p>If it doesn't, I don't think you need to worry about it much. Colleges really only care about what happens during your four years, with the most weight being placed on junior year. Just make sure you get good grades in your classes from now on, and then why should they care whether you got a B+ or A in algebra in 8th grade?</p>