Middlebury 2023 Regular Decision

Hey guys! There wasn’t a poll so I made one! Midd is my top school but I’m RD because I’m not rich lmao
let’s chat because face it this sucks for us all
for some non-college related fun info about me I’m also applying to grinnell, carleton, macalester, sarah lawrence and bennington.
look I tricked you because it was still college related
people always post stats on this website and I hate that because we’re not robots so I’ll post some stats of my own: I’m terrified of snakes, I’m allergic to caffeine and sunscreen, and my Gollum impression is fantastic. Please feel free to post your own.

Let’s start with some fun icebreakers also I’m banning hardcore parents listing their kid’s stats because big oof am i right. The song I’m listening to rn is Keasbey Nights by Catch 22 so that’s a fun ice breaker

S19 just got an email for an alumni interview this weekend. Anyone else? He’s applying to so many schools. We were worried that going RD would be a harder road and he wasn’t ready to choose a favorite for ED. Some of his other schools are Bowdoin, Hamilton, Carleton, Davidson, Dartmouth…12 total.

Wow. Reading the recent press release from Middlebury is sobering. http://www.middlebury.edu/newsroom/archive/2019-news/node/611351
Midd enrolls just over 600 students each year for the fall semester. Last year’s overall yield rate was 45%. (Number of accepted students just over 1700 for both fall & Feb term.) This year, they’ve already accepted almost 300 students (roughly half their annual admitted number) in their first ED round with ED2 to go. Almost 9000 students (8,824) applied RD for the slots left from the two ED rounds.

Interesting that based on the data, it looks like ED2 applications are actually down. Typically ED2 applications are around 300, but this year based on 9720 total and 654 ED1, there are only 242 ED2 applicants. Last year they accepted 73 people ED2. If that stayed the same, the accept rate would be around 30%.

Also for what its worth, looks like all the growth is happening in regular admissions:

YEAR ED1 Applications Regular Applications
2016-17 673 7937
2017-18 650 8280
2018-19 654 8824 ← +6.5%

Hey there! Also applying RD to Middlebury. Heard its super competitive, so just giving it a shot! Fun fact about me, I applied to 25 colleges and skipped classes for a week for these and a portfolio that I barely used lolll.

Does anyone know the number of ED2 applicants for this year?

See post #4 above.

@blackbeard your “for what it’s worth” post actually made me smile. thanks for that :wink:
For what it’s worth, I wish you and everyone else all the luck in the world.

I just realized if you type a colon and closed parenthesis it will turn it into a terrifying emoji. I apologize to everyone I did not know

@blackbeard What do you think the RD acceptance rate will be?

When to rd decisions come out?

March 23

3/23. It’s been on the portal forever. I always wonder why people ask questions like that here when they can find the info on their own.

Was there over enrollment last year?

anyone have any clue what time of the day middlebury releases decisions

9:00 am est

I think this Saturday 8 EST was what my D told me.

@EganAg is correct. My bad.