Middlebury College Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

Our daughter applied to Middlebury ED1 and was expecting a decision at 8AM today. Her application is confirmed as complete but we’ve not heard anything on her portal - it continues to report simply that a decision will be available at 8AM on Dec 10. Is anyone else on the forum still awaiting a decision? Thank you!

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This sounds like a glitch. I’d email admissions asap. Good luck.

Result came out this morning already, you should email admin office.

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I got in ED for sept!


Congratulations!! Can you share your stats?

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3.8 unweighted, 4.3 weighted (upward trend, hs class size of around 500, sat: 1520, two varsity sports for all of hs (captain for one of them), co-founder/leader of a club in school, had a summer internship that related to my intended major, and participated in the discover middlebury program. I also had some other ecs but they were lower down on my activities list

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Does anybody know how many ED1 applications there were this year?

I’m curious too on the ED1 app count. I did see on another thread that Williams ED applications were down from last year. Not sure Midd is the same.

Williams ED apps were up; Amherst’s were down. The Williams ED thread got confusing b/c a couple of posters started talking about Amherst stats in depth. College admits 255 students to Class of 2027 through early decision after record-breaking 943 applications – The Williams Record


If you would like to say, how did you fare, @theamw?

Rejected :frowning: Pretty broken up about it, but life goes on

Did anyone apply ED 2 to Midd?

me! hi!

Oh awesome! It’s so weird there’s no info online about ED 2 numbers but I think it’s somewhere around 20-30%. My stats aren’t insane so I’m a little worried about that but we’ll see, I just had my interview

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I know I’ve been struggling to find ED2 data too! Definitely a reach for me but have my interview this weekend and trying to put my best foot forward, good luck to you!

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Good luck as well!

As someone with two good friends who went to Williams, and having visited there in college, and having taken my daughter to see Amherst… It strikes me that Williams is more hung up about Amherst than the other way around. :wink: Maybe that’s just my perception.

I did as well! I’m not super optimistic but we’ll see.

13 more days!!

has anyone had an interview? S23 has one tomorrow. Curious about others’ experiences. S has not visited campus but is familiar with the area a bit. He applied RD BTW.

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