Middlebury College Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

My son had an interview in November (he applied and was accepted ED). It went a full hour! The “why middlebury?” question was explored a bunch, likely because Middlebury is very focused on ‘fit’ and they use the interview as a tool to gauge that. His interviewer was a 2005 Middlebury graduate who then went on to become a Marine pilot (!)… so needless to say it was a very comprehensive interview! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! S in prepping for this afternoon’s interview (during English class I think.)

Has any Intl who has applied for aid not received the finaid mail?

@Kathryn_Swords did you get in?

unfortunately no :frowning: what about you?

i also got rejected

nice to see the solidarity haha. it’s okay it’s honestly their loss, i’m sure everything will work out for both of us <3

Did anyone who got in not submit scores?

what were ur stats?