Middlebury College Waitlist 2026

Any news on the Midd waitlist for class of 2026?

  • Any offers?
  • Gap year requirement?
  • Funding offered?

My daughter’s AO said they likely won’t move to the waitlist until after Midd’s RD response date, which is May 6. Also, I am pretty sure that you cannot defer a waitlist spot. If they offer you a spot, you have to take it for this year. Good luck to you!


Anyone got off recently?

They haven’t started taking anyone yet. May 6 was the deadline to respond to offers so it won’t be until next week that we will know if they will even be going to the waitlist…


My DD is on the waitlist and we’ve heard nothing. She opted for “fall 2022 only” in terms of start, however, so we don’t anticipate she’ll get pulled into one of the very limited spots.

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Hey guys, I emailed my regional officer days ago and here’s the reply:

As of now, our Class of 2026 is looking full, so we may not see much (or any) waitlist activity moving forward.

It’s literally making me cry… :sob:

It’s not over til it’s over! They have not yet said they are closed so that means there is still a chance! And if that does happen, as someone else said, start to want where you are wanted! Good luck!!! I know how hard this is!!!

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Thank you!! :sob:

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Anyone hearing any news on Middlebury waitlist movement???

Midd saying they are not releasing any waitlist information right now. :neutral_face:

Any news? Still hoping to hear something…

I’m assuming no one has gotten in off the waitlist? My daughter is fully committed to her school and excited. It’s more out of curiosity wondering if they ever went to the waitlist?!

I remain curious as well. We have not received official word that the list is closed…

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Middlebury waitlist is closed.

How do you know and did they accept anyone from waitlist?