Middlebury Sees Record Number of Students Accept Admission

"A total of 765 students have accepted Middlebury’s offer of admission and will enroll at the College as members of the Class of 2022. As of May 1, the deadline for admitted students to inform the College of their decision, 661 students planned to enroll in September and 104 in February.

Members of the incoming class are from 46 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and 28 countries. The College will award approximately $16.6 million in financial aid to about 48 percent of the incoming class, with an average annual grant of roughly $48,000." …


Is Midd trying to expand? That’s a lot of kids enrolling in the college. If they continue to accept that many each year the college enrollment would be at 3,060.

@KJD2022 My thoughts exactly- if they have a record number of students accepting admission, and they will be taking about 40 from the waitlist, those numbers seem to far exceed previous years’ enrollment (even when considering summer melt). Midd has taken anywhere from 1-33 students each year from the WL over the past 5 years. 40 seems like a lot when they are experiencing a record number enrolling! But I’m happy for anyone who does get off the WL, Middlebury is such a fabulous school.

If you read the story the dean of admissions says the number of incoming students will be fewer than 765, after gap years and changes of plans. I don’t think there’s a plan to grow the school from a little over 2,500 (2,800 if you count students studying abroad).

One of the smartest kids we know is going there. They were lucky to get him.

This is all because of the trickle down from single digit schools.

I think they will try expand their percentage of study abroad participation to allow for the increase in students on campus at any time.

No. Middlebury is an amazing college and a fantastic choice in and of itself. If you believe that small liberal arts colleges provide the best undergraduate education available— as many but not all people do— and you appreciate a gorgeous campus in a magnificent setting, Middlebury is as good as it gets.

…Yes, maybe Mid is amazing but you are still wrong about applications.

I don’t buy the CC orthodoxy.

Elite admissions is now a big numbers game… game as in “game theory”.

Kids who use to get into HYP, Dart, Brown, and maybe Columbia now are gunning for the top 10 LACs in addition to the ivys (except Penn and Cornell). By definition of falling admission rates and an expanded pool of applicants, there has to be a trickle down for those chasing prestige. Its just math.

CC itself is just as guilty as everyone else chasing prestige with this category: "“CC Top Liberal Arts Colleges”.

That said, I kind of wish my S22 has applied to some of the good LACs. He is doing great academically (3.95-Math/CS) as expected at big State U, but has a very small group of friends. His friends are all academic stars (mostly pre-meds) or engineering/CS majors.

I think a LAC would have forced him into more social interaction overall due to the small size. A M/F ratio in his favor (or at least 50-50) would not have hurt either. His upper division math classes are 3to1 M/F.

The top LACs are filling half of their freshman class via ED
So not so sure the trickle down effect is that big of a reason but we can leave this debate up to the stats people

From a statistical perspective, the release provides no information on whether Middlebury has had a successful year with respect to admissions. If the number of admitted students (in contrast to the featured figure, those who accepted an offer) also reached a high, then yield could be down – or up, or flat, we really can’t tell – compared to previous years.