Middlebury Social Scene (+ other NESCACS)

Hi there- I’m looking at Middlebury College and I’m wondering a little what the social scene/weekend culture looks like there. It’s not the deciding factor in my college search but I do like to adopt that work hard/play hard mentality in terms of academic rigor and social life. How is the social scene relative to other NESCAC schools and how would being a varsity athlete change my experience? What types of people or groups are found on campus and what do they like to do? Thanks!

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Hey there hg2!
As a varsity athlete at the school, as well as my experience working with potential Midd students as part of Speakwithstudents, I think I’m pretty well positioned to give a brief answer at the minimum. While Midd’s social scene is obviously very different than what you’d find at a big school due to its small size, I’ve found that what it lacks in size, it makes up for in the intimate nature of gatherings on campus. When I’ve visited my friends at big schools, I’ve found the nightlife to be more based around a small group and going out together. In contrast, one of my favorite things about Midd is that wherever I end up, I will always know someone there, whether than be in class, at parties, or anywhere else. In my experience, as long as you can manage your time, the homework should never be an impediment to having a quality social life. The same goes for sports. Hope that answers your question a bit!

Hi. My daughter also has questions about the social life at Middlebury. She knows the academics are great but is wondering if there is enough to do on the weekends?

All of these very selective schools have plenty to do. That’s why they have high retention rates.