Middlebury Transfer 2021

Congrats on Brandeis! Williams and Amherst are SO selective. Small LACs are also such crapshoots in turns of admissions. Finances matter so much more than they should. Fingers are crossed for you!! I imagine any school would be lucky to have you

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Thank you! Good luck to you too hopefully you get the financial package you need Or even better get off the waitlist.

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Also if it helps, I have been rejected from ‘less selective’ NESCACs and gotten into or waitlisted at ‘more selective’ ones

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I’m just so scared because the more I think about my application the more I’m like OK my essay sucks, and I point out all of the flaws

I don’t know if it’s calming to know that it’s kind of a tossup when it comes to acceptances or not

Acceptance rates for Middleberry transfers from 20 to 21 was 16% which is encouraging!

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It’s early may
I just want my decision already lol

Ugh I know right ahaha

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I saw something that said may 6th but idk

I feel like Eric Andre in that “let me in” clip rn.

hahaha I feel that. Ugh I wish they would email us!

Where did you see that?

I also saw somewhere said the 6th but I don’t remember where

In 2019 the results were out on April 10 but idk about 2020

Maybe by Friday?

Does midd have a waitlist for transfers?

Results will be out on Saturday at 8am EST they just sent an email

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That’s so scary - I am now super anxious and will be until saturday

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yeahh sameee

How has your transfer process been ?

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