Middlebury Transfer 2021

“Early-May” is so close!! :crossed_fingers:t3:


I am so scared. I love Middlebury and I would go in a heartbeat if I got in.

I feel that! I hope decisions come out soon😩

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What do you think admissions is going to be like?

I’m honestly not sure. Do you have any thoughts?

I can’t really tell anything with 2024 being the COVID class idk how much I should compare their year to normal stats

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Do you?

Nope! No idea!

I am trying to predict my chances but honestly idk how to do that. there aren’t many transfer chance predictors online

Yeah small LAC admissions are so hard to predict. Financial aid plays a big role too :pensive:

I keep worrying because I went to a pretty rigorous private school and ended with a 3.39( messed up because of senior year) which is low for a Midd applicant. I am trying to stay positive because I did improve each year and I am an international student at my high school so idk

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looking at these forms are kind of addicting though idk if its helping or hurting my nerves

me too! I wouldn’t worry too much. I think college gpa and recs are just as important if not more. those types of schools are hard enough and colleges usually recognize the academic rigor

how has ur transfer process been so far?

also isnt midd need blind ?

Not for international students @Aga.a

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Officially early may!

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It’s been okay! I was waitlisted at one of my top choices. I was accepted at a great school, but unfortunately given very little financial aid due to a complicated situation. They are going to give us an updated package. How about you?

It is always difficult to know! The majority of need blind schools (or even no loans/100% of need met) arent actually need blind for transfer.

I applied to six schools total and rejected from two (Williams and Amherst )accepted at one ( Brandeis). Middlebury is my top choice so very anxious about this decision. Kind of discouraging so far from the two rejections.