Middlebury vs. Georgetown...

<p>I love both schools and I really can't decide. I'm interested in languages and international relations/international economics, and I know that both schools are exceptionally strong in those areas (among the strongest in the country). I like that GU is in DC and has incredible opportunities for internships, but I also really like how middlebury is in a beautiful location with a great campus feel and a great LAC atmosphere. I really am having trouble deciding, i change my mind every day. I just spent the weekend at Gtown and I will be going up to Midd on the 13th and 14th....but can anyone offer some input on reasons for which you might choose one over the other?</p>

<p>I am interested in pursuing investment banking following college, at least to start, and I would want to be placed in China since the financial markets there are up and coming and I will be studying chinese. Which is better for I-banking recruitment? Georgetown is certainly more well known because of its larger size and more accessible location, but I dont know much about recruitment</p>

<p>It'll all become clear once you visit Midd on the 13th. Trust me.</p>

<p>Two completely different schools. A good friend of mine wanted Gtown last year and was waitlisted- ended up at Middlebury. He was pretty unhappy and ended up transferring to Gtown this past year and loves it!</p>

<p>I have a friend at Georgetown and he likes it very much too, he's a double-major in French and Math.</p>

<p>According to your interests I'd choose Georgetown. You'll be in the world's heart of foreign relations, and the foreign languages department there is very good as well. But it's the location that's so awesome.</p>

Two completely different schools. A good friend of mine wanted Gtown last year and was waitlisted- ended up at Middlebury. He was pretty unhappy and ended up transferring to Gtown this past year and loves it!


<p>That's so funny because I know someone who transferred to Middlebury from Georgetown his sophomore year. He absolutely hated G'Town. It was partly due to the more conservative student body, partly due to Georgetown's location and vibe. Except for one building, Georgetown's campus leaves much to be desired (IMHO). Middlebury, on the other hand, is the quintessential liberal arts college with what is arguably one of the most attractive campuses in the nation. Middlebury’s size and location foster a more intimate and close-knit academic community. There are no grad students vying for professors’ time or attention, and all facilities on campus are strictly reserved for undergraduates. And Middlebury is best known as THE school for languages and international studies. If you want to study government or poly sci, then perhaps Georgetown is the better choice.</p>

<p>Middlebury is one of the top feeders in the East for I-banking. The CEO of Lehman Bros. is a trustee, and some of the top players at Goldman, J.P. Morgan, Merrill, etc., are Midd grads. Midd grads look out for their own, and there are far fewer of us.</p>

<p>thanks arcadia, that was really helpful. i am somewhat concerned about the relatively conservative environment of georgetown (im gay), and I think that middlebury is a more open place in general</p>

<p>If you're interested in Chinese... come to Middlebury. I admittedly know nothing about the department at Georgetown, but Chinese at Middlebury is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) language departments here, which is saying something. I'm a Chinese major and loving it.
And if you go to Georgetown, at least do yourself the favor of coming one summer to the Chinese Language School.
Feel free to post/message me any questions you have about the department (or Middlebury for that matter...).</p>

<p>yeah i was planning on definitely doing a language school at middlebury even if i went somewhere else</p>

<p>A friend of mine goes to GTown, and she considers herself a liberal and an atheist. While there are crosses in classrooms and holy "things" (can't think of the word, like statues of the Virgin Mary) all around, she's says it's more moderate than conservative. There will definitely be two parts of the spectrum on every issue. She tells me that she sees hippies and neoconservatives every day. She takes Chinese too and I know her class is less than ten students. I don't know more details though.</p>

<p>I see Middlebury as a better fit from the vibe I get from your posts. However, this is just the internet. Hopefully your trip to Middlebury will cement your decision between the two schools. Good luck!</p>