Middlebury vs Tufts vs Haverford vs Davidson

I am currently struggling to decide between Middlebury, Haverford, Tufts, and Davidson. A strong community is important to me, which is why I am partially leaning towards the first two, but I am also interested in immersive and interdisciplinary academic opportunities, which all of the schools seem to have. I am thinking about possibly studying psychology, philosophy, or maybe political science, but I am definitely undecided. Any recommendations or other insight/info about any of the schools would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Cost of each - are the different? Tufts is going to be bigger and closer to the city. Haverford not two far but unless you go you wouldn’t see it. Middlebury obviously rural and Davidson is like Haverford - close to charlotte but you wouldn’t know it. You’ll have more Southern Hospitality there…

All are going to be great choices - i’d look at money and other aspects - other than strong sense of community you didn’t provide much to work with.