<p>Hi, I'm a sophmore I'd like to know my chances for Middlebury. I doubt they're great, but I'm still curious.
According to Collegeboard, 100% of first year students were in the top half of their graduating class. I don't know my class rank but i'd say it's safe to assume I'm in the bottom half (and if I am in the top half I'm certainly towards the bottom.) Last year I had straight A's in all academic level classes. This year I've been taking one AP, four honors and one academic class. This year my grades have been, well, bad. I'm literally failing one and have to make it up in summer school, and I'll be lucky to have a D+/C- as my final grade in another. Also, first semester my final grade in a class was a C. I've been doing well in everything else. Especially French. I've never gotton anything lower than an A in French. In fact, this year I was inducted into the French Honor Society. I love languages, and in addition to French I study 11 other languages outside of school (really, I'm not lying.) Obviously I'm not fluent or even proficient in all of those languages although I'm really getting there with french. I know Middlebury is known for its language programs and I was wondering if maybe I had a chance if I got my act together and did well in school next year, etc?</p>

<p>The problem is that the trend is in the wrong direction.
If you flipped your freshman/sophmore grades, then perhaps it would not be so bad.
You really, really need to step up next year if you hope to have a chance.</p>