Midwest Flooding

<p>I was hoping someone who is on campus right now could give us an update on WashU's campus and the surrounding area. I am planning on visiting WashU next weekend, and I am worried that I could run into problems getting into the airport, or even just traveling between the airport and the school. Hopefully, there is no damage to the campus itself.</p>

<p>There is absolutely no problem between the airport and WUSTL, or anywhere around WUSTL.</p>

<p>i was just there for 3 days and no problems at all. the flooding is way south of campus...</p>

<p>Thanks! I really appreciate it. I've been watching the news, and they keep saying which areas are affected the most, but I don't know in which parts of St. Louis the airport, and school are located (as well as the roads to get from one to the other).</p>

<p>Well what seems really helpful is how WashU and the Airport are connected by the Metrolink.</p>

<p>So my S who is a sophomore is on what they call E.S.T., the emergency support team, or group of students who are EMT's and respond to campus emergencies. This group gets some pretty cool opportunities, and yesterday he was up in a MedEvac chopper. They could see the flooding, but none of it was anywhere near campus.</p>

<p>Leave it to the Midwest to get 15 inches! of snow at the end of march.</p>

<p>My S is leaving sunny Los Angeles to visit WUSTL in four days--thanks for these calming helpful updates.</p>

<p>It snowed this afternoon, at least twice. I looked out the window and was like ***? The weather here is just grand XD</p>