midwestern schools

<p>Im looking at these schools
2)UM-Twin Cities
4)Iowa State
5)Iowa University
6)U of North Dakota</p>


<p>of these schools which has the most upside?
I really want to attend Madison, but it will be a reach for me. Im starting to highly consider Iowa schools, do you know if the U or State is considered to be a better school with academics, partying etc?</p>

<p>I'd say UMInn has more upside than the Iowa schools. U of I is more for liberal arts while ISU covers engineering and ag sciences. Not much overlap. Both are good schools but not at the UW or UMinn main campus level.</p>

<p>Well, depends on a few things. U of Iowa is tops for health sciences.</p>

<p>what about as far as the business programs go?</p>

<p>b u m p</p>

<p>UM TC has a really great business school... i'm not in college yet but i live like 20 min from the U :)</p>