Midyear grades for BS/MD progs?

<p>My senior year grades thus far are all A's except for a B+ in an AP for MP2, and 2 B's on AP midterms. How much will this matter for programs, and do they even look at the midyear grades? My UW is a 3.96 prior to this.</p>

<p>I am interested in this topic as well. Like to see what anybody has to say..</p>

<p>Especially since so many BS/MD apps are on paper, does the UG send them a copy of my Common App midyear?</p>

<p>I'm not certain about all programs but I've asked two programs (drexel and Penn State/Jeff) and neither of them do. My guess is that now that it's in the med school's hands they don't receive anything more from the UGs so the decision is based off of what they already have and the interview when they go into committee.</p>

<p>Awesome, that's great news.</p>

<p>Agreed, that is good to know.</p>