Midyear program

My daughter was accepted for the midyear program. Initially she was bummed, but as she asked around a bit, got more excited about what the opportunity offered. I’d not heard of colleges doing it, but it sounds like it’s an established Brandeis practice (funny what you don’t know till you know it!) What’s the general sense from others who have been offered that option?

If she does accept the offer, she is probably going to try and intern in DC. What are others’ thoughts on what they might do?

My son (Hamilton College) did the London Arcadia Program with 40 Ham freshmen and about 30 Brandeis students. He got so much out of it, and wouldn’t have traded it for reg admission! we were all surprised and nervous at first, but I definitely recommend it. The kids become very close and then begin at their colleges with a really tight friend group. While he expanded his group of friends immediately, his London group is still his best buds. The students have gone back and forth between Hamilton and Brandeis a few times in the last year to be together.

The only downside is if your student is STEM - mostly Humanities classes offered in London. Unexpected upside - it was, rather unbelievably, cheaper than a semester at college.

Congratulations on admission to a wonderful school. Good luck!

My good friend’s D was accepted to Brandeis in the midyear program. I believe she went to a program sponsored by Brandeis (with other Brandeis midyear students) in Florence, Italy (I’m pretty sure it was Florence). It all worked out extremely well for her. I think the Florence semester was all P/F so she got a chance to get used to college level work with no GPA implications. She made very good friends there, roomed with people she met when they got to campus int he spring, and kept those friendships throughout her time at Brandeis.