Midyear report confusion?!

<p>OK so I was accepted EA but now am unsure about the midyear report. Second qtr just ended and my counselor told me grades would be sent automatically and that's all that needs to be done but common app has a form/midyear report. Do I have to submit that? The info required by the sheet is covered on the transcript (classes, new GPA) and anyway my counselor does not have access to this info so she wouldn't be able to fill out the form for me even if I gave it to her... confused </p>

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<p>Trust your guidance counselor! If they told you that it would be sent automatically, then they DO NOT need the common app/mid year report. (BTW: many high schools generate their own forms that all colleges accept. Ditto with with schools using Naviance.) If trust is something that's hard for you to do, go back and ask your GC if they need the common app mid year form.</p>