MidYear Report for ID at Rice

<p>How much does Rice factor in the Midyear report for Interim Decision students at Rice?</p>

<p>id like to know this too</p>

<p>oh!!! me 2.......</p>

<p>my school doesn't send out midyears until february 1, so I don't think Rice will even look at mine, well, unless I get deferred</p>

<p>I haven't seen any requirements for midyear--where on Rice's website does it say they need a midyear report?</p>

<p>unless youget deffered, it wont matter
when you got that login thing, it should say that your app status was "Complete"
this means they've already made your decision</p>

<p>think of it this way: they MAIL out decisions on the 8th of february. they obviously wouldn't have time to go through all the ID applicants in 7 days to reevaluate them all</p>

<p>you sure they already made their decisions this early? Why don't they mail it out sooner instead of killing us with the wait?</p>

<p>yes, they make their decsions relatively early. as for your second question, i dont think they care too much about our anticipation</p>

<p>what % of interims get in?</p>

<p>i would like to know that answer too.</p>

<p>question: how do you log in to your account to see your status?</p>

<p>dmik87, your login id and password are emailed to you with a link to the status webpage. you might want to check your junk mail. </p>

<p>another question: do those accepted ED get confirmation when Rice has received the mid-year report?</p>

<p>Wait did you say they've made their decision already if your file status says Complete? Wow. They are pretty fast then. When do we actually get to see our decision online? Feb. 10 is the date I heard from the office.</p>

<p>I thought complete just means all of your application materials have been received.</p>

<p>the admit rate for interim decision in 2004 was 28%</p>

<p>that's okay i guess</p>

<p>mmhmmm i suppose. it's not good nor bad...actually, id say that's quite good! considering that RD is like 16%</p>