Midyear report

<p>I got accepted ED into the U of R and was wondering what the standards were for midyear reports. First quarter, I got all B's and a C and this quarter I am looking at possibly two C's and the rest B's.
Can my acceptance be rescinded?</p>

<p>Admissions Counselors can "raise a concern" if a very weak Mid Year Report comes in (usually in the month of February). Early Decision students are probably safe from having their acceptance rescinded, but counselors can change their decisions for EN and regular decision applicants as long as the decision letter has not been mailed. Your Mid Year Report can either strengthen or weaken your overall application, so try not to contract senioritis this early in the year!</p>

<p>As a former U of R student, I can confidently say that studying hard (especially in your AP classes) during your senior year will pay off during the first two semesters of college.</p>

<p>so those grades should be alright if I keep them up for the rest of the year?</p>

<p>I would recommend studying hard over your winter break and improving your grades as much as possible before the quarter ends. Students with C's and B's on their transcript will typically struggle at the University of Rochester. I would encourage you to take a proactive academic approach during the next 5 months in order to prepare yourself for the rigors of Rochester.</p>

<p>I'll do my best, thanks for the help!</p>