Midyear Report

<p>This morning I realized that my school doesn't send midyear reports automatically. I had them sent, electronically, today.</p>

<p>Have HYSP, Amherst, or Williams started reading applications yet? Will they re-read mine after the addition of the midyear report? I had a significant improvement in class rank, and I feel like that could be what pushes me over the top.</p>

<p>So I guess any information about an admissions timeline for any of those schools would be much appreciated, as well as any insight into whether applications are reconsidered once the midyear report is received.</p>


<p>Yea applications get one pass without the midyear report early on and a second pass with the midyear report included so it'll probably help. There's a chance that you may even have your midyear report considered under the first pass b/c you sent it relatively early (normally due Feb. 15). Good luck!</p>