Midyear Report

<p>If you don't have your mid-year report in, will you still be able to get a decision letter?</p>

<p>I have heard of people being accepted to some colleges without submitting all of the required info, but I feel like that wouldn't happen at a school as selective as Columbia. You should call the Admissions Office ASAP. Maybe they have already talked to your GC.</p>

<p>your application is incomplete w/o a midyear. your probably out of luck. talk to your guidance counselor asap and see if he can call the school and mail in a mid-year.</p>

<p>i did not send a midyear report, however, i sent my transcripts when my 1st sem grades were already out...so although they dont have a midyear report, they do have my 1st sem grades and they said my file is complete</p>

<p>I didn't send a mid year report either...</p>

<p>Instead of making silly threads like this one, why don't you just ask your GC to send in your Midyear report or at least your final semester grades?</p>