Midyear Report

<p>How much does this influence your chances at ED and RD? I heard getting a few B's senior year has no effect.</p>

<p>Not sure about RD, but the Midyear Report can't affect your chances ED because you'll already have received a decision by the time you'd send the report.</p>

<p>But they have a send by "Feb. 15 for ED" on the application, I thought.</p>

<p>Yes, but you would have already been accepted by then. If you're deferred, it'll matter. If you make an F, it'll matter. Otherwise, it's just to do a final checkup on your grades to make sure you didn't completely shut down after you got accepted.</p>

<p>would it make sense to send your midyear report with your ED application?</p>

<p>how can you? unless you have somehow finished your 1st semseter =)
they say to send it when your 1st sem. grades are finalized (around January).</p>

<p>alrighty then. thanks</p>