Midyear Reports

Hi, I was wondering if CSUs look at first semester of senior year grades? Or is admission completely based on 10-11th grade grades?

Admission for CSU’s is based on the 10-11th grades (exception Cal Poly SLO), however there are some CSU’s that may ask for a Midyear Senior grade report/transcript for the following reasons:

  1. After a provisional acceptance, some CSU’s will ask for Mid year reports especially to make sure you are on track to complete all required a-g courses by end of Senior year.

  2. Some Cal states will ask for Mid year reports if you are a borderline applicant and they want to evaluate how you are doing in your Senior year classes.

  3. Some Cal states will ask for a Mid year transcript after being accepted and then enroll as part of the enrollment process.

It is important to check your student portal for each of your applied CSU’s to make sure you send any extra documentation required for the admission and acceptance process.

Getting D’s and F’s in your a-g course requirements could result in your admission/acceptance being rescinded so make sure you keep up your grades.

Got it. Thanks so much for the info!

My daughter is a freshman at Cal Poly SLO. They asked for her mid-year transcripts after she committed to CPSLO in March. They specifically stated that the transcripts must include all classes she was enrolled in for the entire school year, even if she had not started/finished them yet.

I believe this was done for any or all of the reasons @Gumbymom listed above. Additionally, my daughter had quite a few rigor points tied up in the latter part of her senior year, so they may have been checking to make sure she was still taking them.

SDSU and CSU Fullerton also asked for my son’s for Mid year transcripts prior to enrolling. It will vary from campus to campus.