Might get an A- in Spanish 4th quarter

<p>OK......I'm in 7th grade and I'm taking Spanish 1-A(in 8th grade it's Spanish 1-B). We had this stupid "Notebook and Folder" check where you have to have a notebook with ALL SPANISH NOTHING ELSE and your folder. If you have 1 thing wrong, you get 0/15. So my notebook was partially math homework and I got a 0. I currently have 94%(from 98! I hate notebook and folder checks) and we have a quiz on Friday as well as a stampsheet check that may lower my grade to an A-. </p>

<p>Here were my grades:
Q1: 97%
Q2: 95%
Q3: 99%</p>

<p>My sucky school district uses the +/- system and my parents are uber concerned(helicopter parents, freak out below 95). So, will my school average the percentages or do a 3.66+4+4+4/4=?. My parents think this could affect my college decision(and I'm in 7th grade wth?). So will this matter at all?</p>

<p>A-'s will not significantly hurt your college chances -- especially if they are from middle school, because colleges never see your middle school grades.</p>

<p>Chill bro, chillllllll. Your in middle school now. Leave the worrying for HS.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, yes. One of my brother's friends graduated as two-time valedictorian of his school with a perfect SAT score, as well as contributing heavily to research on Reye's syndrome. He was nationally recognized by the President, won many national cello awards, and had extensive experience with mountain climbing. He climbed Everest at the age of 15 and again at 17.</p>

<p>He was rejected from every single top college because he got a B in 7th grade Ceramics. I mean, there are TONS of kids who have never gotten anything less than an A+. Bs and A-s are like poison.</p>

<p>He's currently at Pasadena City College.... I hope you fare better.</p>

<p>...Nah, you'll be completely fine.</p>

<p>oh my gosh. you're 12. don't worry about college for another 4 years or so. Colleges don't care at all about middle school performance. So actually, you should take it easy in middle school and be ready to work really hard senior year.</p>

<p>Some real advice for you: who is your most trusted teacher? Set up some time with him/her and ask how to not [obsess over grades]</p>

<p>Teachers suffer students like this all the time. Try to avoid remaining one. Try to learn how to actually enjoy learning. Life becomes much easier.</p>

<p>To correct pp, some school districts do put middle school grades on transcripts.</p>

<p>Agree with others -- assuming you're not a troll, you need to chill.</p>

To correct pp, some school districts do put middle school grades on transcripts.


<p>Nonetheless, colleges won't consider those grades.</p>

<p>If--and I mean if--your school counts some middle school courses as high courses and put them on your HS transcript (which mine did for Math, Foreign Language, etc.), an A- will have zero effect.</p>

<p>It's an A. And that's a fourth quarter grade. Most HS transcripts just have a year grade.</p>

<p>All mine had were the letters: A,B,C...no +'s or -'s at all.</p>

<p>Seriously dude, no one at so-and-so college is going to go: "OMG...An A- in Middle School Spanish?! REJECTION!"</p>

<p>Calm down, dude. </p>

<p>Worry about grade slips when you actually get to high school.</p>

<p>I call troll.</p>

<p>Don't worry, this was my parents worrying.....I was just trying to prove them wrong......because my parents are really annoyed right now.</p>