Might have missed EA fin aid deadline..

<p>I just sent the CSS Profile Online so I'm ok with that, but for the 2003 Tax returns, you have to have a Cover Sheet to submit the forms with and I haven't recieved one yet. On the Yale Application is says they must be submitted "prior to November 1st" so even if I somehow get this Cover Sheet tomorrow and get the Tax returns sent in, it will be postmarked on Nov. 1st. So if I missed this deadline, what are the consequences? Would there be any way they would automatically defer me if I put that I was applying for fin-aid and they didn't have the proper forms in time for it? Ahh... I spent so much time and effort on the app that I totally neglected to do the Fin Aid stuff and my parents never mentioned it and now they're blaming it on me.</p>

<p>what cover sheet are you talking about?</p>

<p>if you mail it tomorrow, that will be fine. your materials have to be POSTMARKED by Nov. 1, not sent in Yale's hands by November 1st.</p>

<p>i thought the cover sheet was only for 2004</p>

<p>Yep, it is only for 2004, I believe. We'll have to submit it later (assuming that we get in that is)</p>

<p>what cover sheet is this? I'm going crazy... Explain it to me please</p>

<p>we dont need the cover sheet EA, its for later (when) we get accepted and we have to finish off our Fin Aid paperwork.</p>