Might Have to Drop Out

So I needed to take a college course over the summer in order to stay at my college and transfer the credits needed to start my junior year. I dropped a class last semester so I needed to complete a course. I was taking a summer course at another university when I screwed up the final and got a D. Classes start in mid September for my university and I need to find a way to get a college class done by then. Is it possible or am I screwed?

Make an appointment to see your advisor tomorrow-- this afternoon if it’s still early enough where you live.

No one here can advise you that way he/she can.

Sounds like you don’t have the prereqs for your junior classes. Are you in a major with a deep prereq tree? Talk to your advisor and dept chair, but a year long “internship” might be what’s needed to get you back in sync. Good luck.

Yeah, ultimately all you can do is go and talk to your advisor as soon as you can.

You could look at regionally accredited colleges that operate on an accelerated schedule, and where they have multiple term starts each year, so maybe you can find a class that starts immediately.

For example, junior and senior year level classes at U of Phoenix are five weeks long, and U of P (not a great uni, but might work for this) is regionally accredited and I believe they run terms every few weeks, so you can see if U of P has the class you need, and starting now, then ask your advisor at your home uni if 1) the U of P class would count as the pre-req, and 2) if the U of P class is five weeks long, it’ll end after your September classes start - can you enroll in the September class anyway, since the overlap will only be a week or so?

But realistically, it’s probably the case that you’re out of luck on this one. You’ll need to register for the class you bombed this summer, for the fall term at your home uni.

Do NOT go to a for-profit school like U of Phoenix.

UofPhoenix will NOT be recognized as College classes and will NOT be considered legit for transfer. Clue: a semester that lasts 5 weeks.