Military Brat and Freak

<p>Hi, this is my first post on CC. Yes, I am asking for chances. Yes, I realize that no one can say for sure where I might get in. But, here goes. (Sorry, I know this is a bore)</p>

<p>I am in the summer between junior and senior year. I am very interested in STEM and will major in hard science or engineering. Obviously, I'd be thrilled if I could get into my reach schools (MIT(dream school), Stanford, you get the idea), and if I don't, I am also considering UT Austin, UM Ann Arbor, Purdue, and UWash. Due to my dad's profession, we move every 2 years, and so I have 3 high schools on my transcript, all with different grading systems. I was also diagnosed with something called Asperger's halfway through my junior year, I don't know much about it or how it will affect me, but since I started taking medication and going to coaching sessions, I have done much better in the classroom. I find it easier to concentrate. I have a couple of key passions. One of them I have just discovered. Particle physics. I am trying to get volunteer work at a local lab over the summer-I think I might get it but not sure-, am keeping in contact with a physicist from CERN(asking her questions, she sent me a presentation), and hope to start a club this year about that and other science stuff to improve my social skills. I would LOVE to do some independent research on it (or something else), but I don't see how I could get it published or make it "count". It's tough, however, because I think you need a mentor, and I can't keep one. (I also love other stuff in science too, but this is at the top of the list) Another is academic competitions. I LOVE them(love the feeling when I get up to do them), won medals nationally in AcDec 10th Grade. Before high school I placed in the top-10 in the Texas Geography Bee, the only one from my part of the state. I did AMC in 11th Grade, but didn’t qualify(thanks to my messed up Math, I’ve pretty much taught myself Algebra I and II) Science Olympiad, Academic Team, Brain Bowl, AcDec, whatever you call it... Finally, this might seem a little weird for a STEM guy, but I love foreign languages. I lived in Japan as a child, and picked up the language. To keep my skills there, I have been taking college courses at the local CC and the university. Will take SAT II in November. I am also self-studying German. I hope to go abroad in college and pick up Chinese or Arabic or something. These are passions and hobbies, but other EC's include tutoring my deaf cousin online, karate-okinawan ryu to be exact-, honors engineering seminars, and guitar. I've got AWESOME letters of recommendation, and my essays and interview will be great, please pardon my lack of humility. Now for the bad stuff. My ACT score is 31, gonna try for a 33/34 junior year. I have a 780 in World History (no course in it EVER) and 720 in Bio-retake?. Math Level II I will take in November with Japanese. I will be taking 5 AP's as a senior at a new school, Calc AB(self study BC), Chemistry, Government, Comp Sci AB, and Physics, along with Honors English. I expect to make straight A's) If I don't have senioritis, I might self-study Lit AP Exam. My Rank and GPA will be somewhat deflated, as for 10th and 11th grade I was in a very tough school, where a B+ would be counted as an A- here, and the school here says they will explain that in a letter with my admissions. They have to convert it to a weighted 5 point scale, and that sucks because both previous schools didn’t have certain honors courses which I would have otherwise taken. 9th Grade got straight A's, no problem there. Sophmore year was-new school. I didn't really fit in much at this school (kind of place where everybody knows each other from kindergarten on), and I had to switch to Intergrated Math. I already had taught myself Algebra I, because the tiny middle school I was in had their own funky thing. Anyway, I didn't do so well, no F's, but not MIT material. A slew of A’s and B’s and one C. I was incredibly depressed and even thought about suicide, because I had never made less than an A before that point, and grades were kinda all I had (not exactly a social butterfly here, folks) First Semester junior year was a little better, but not enough, and my second semester was FAR better(enter medication and counseling). I'm not saying I'd wouldn't change it if I had the chance, but actually I'm kind of glad that I came to earth. Before, I didn't have to pay attention much, and skated by. That won't happen in the real world, and I’m glad I came across hard times now, because if I don’t and run into a wall in college, I won’t know how to deal with it (Good essay material?) Sorry, getting off track. </p>

<p>I REALLY want to change the world and do something great. I think I could do great at MIT or a different elite school, but what do I know? Don't laugh at me, but be honest.
PS Please don't construe this the wrong way. It is MY fault, no one elses, that I got sub-par grades. If I don't get into MIT because of that, fine, I deserve it. I don't want to be seen whining.
I know this is disorganized and incomplete. I will add more if you want
Oh yeah. I know this probably isn't an EC, but I've got nothing to lose. I LOVE to read and to access new info about science or world politics online. I just get a pleasurful feeling inside when I know something new or read a book, wheather it is about black holes or North Korea.</p>

<p>Er, what's the freaky part, exactly?</p>

<p>Oh that... I don't know. I guess that's what I am. But I'm OK with it. I would hate being normal. Sorry if it annoys you. Nice to see a response, I really am grateful. :)... Anyway, do you need me to be more specific with anything, I am new to this. This site makes me feel dumb, when I see the stats on some people. I know it's not all about stats, but it still makes me feel like I'm an inferior number.</p>

<p>What gave you the idea that I'm annoyed with abnormality? (Also, the implied assumption that MIT students are normal is hilarious.)</p>

<p>It's the special snowflake routine that's annoying.</p>

<p>I never meant to imply that at all... I wasn't trying to give that routine. I am really sorry for offending you, I apologize. I really wasn't trying to sound snotty or condescending, I really wasn't. If you were wondering about the freak part, that was a complete whim, I didn't know you would hate it. I should've changed the title. And I never said that you were obsessed with it, or meant to imply it. Please believe me, I really never meant my approach to come off that way. No, I am not trying to attract pity to myself either, or do anything manipulative.</p>

<p>Look, I get that everybody is angry at me for what I did. I feel horrible, claiming I have a condition which I am beginning to doubt is real, and trying to pretend I am special, but only ending up annoying. I just want everyone to know I'm not a complete jerk. Please ignore the title, I apologize</p>

<p>Piper's point is that you are not as freak as you might think you are, particularly at a STEM-intensive school.</p>

<p>Consider Earlham as a safety. I'll bet you have never heard of it--but graduate programs in Physics have. Much less chance of slipping through the cracks like you can at a big school.</p>

<p>... dude, I am a random person on the internet who was vaguely annoyed by something you did. This is far from offending me or getting everyone angry. Calm down :P</p>

<p>Oh yeah, I meant annoyed by the post, I didn't know why (but I do now), but you sounded kind of mad.</p>

<p>I will check it out. And I didn't really mean a freak as in my brains or life, but rather... I dunno, everyone around me said I was, but I wasn't because of my smarts. Point is, I didn't mean it as something that is good for admissions. I'm sorry for overreacting. Maybe the less I talk, the better. Ah, well, first post is always the worst... I hope. Is it possible to take down this thread?</p>

<p>Just sayin'. Have you heard of line breaks? :P</p>

<p>Wall of text != many responses</p>