Military college "sorry" about sex abuse inaction

<p>"The president of The Citadel said on Tuesday he was 'profoundly sorry' the South Carolina military college failed to tell police about child sexual abuse allegations against a man who had served as a summer camp counselor at the institution.</p>

<p>The Citadel disclosed the matter on Saturday in the wake of unrelated allegations of child sexual abuse by a former assistant football coach at Penn State University.</p>

<p>The college, located in Charleston, said on Saturday it had investigated in 2007 the allegations against the man -- who was arrested last month on separate charges of abusing five boys -- but did not report the matter to police ..."</p>

<li>I wonder if this would have EVER surfaced if not for the Penn State scandal. Will other schools now come forward?</li>

<p>Military</a> college sorry about sex abuse inaction | Reuters</p>

<p> long as they're sorry, I'm sure it's all fine....</p>


<p>The leaders of these places all need to be fired for failing to properly lead and guide the institution and procedures put in place to not permit the cover ups these institutions (schools, churches, etc.) do. On top of that I hope the victims sue the institutions and win big since some of them will only change if it hits their pocketbook. Finally, I think the people who cover up some of these crimes should be charged with being accessories to the crimes and do some time themselves (this from a non-lawyer).</p>