Milk Cartons?

<p>Is there milk for sale on campus ? (in a plastic carton, plastic bottle, etc.)</p>

<p>If so, how about near EVK, or in EVK?</p>

<p>In talking with our son, who lives in the dorms that are close to EVK, it seems like he has had to go off campus to the store across the street, to get milk. He enjoys cereal in his room, in the morning, and as a snack. It's not that far to the store, but it seems like EVK, or Trojan Grounds, etc. would carry milk to go. (I'm not referring to milk in a glass. I am interested in milk that is in some type of closed container that can be stored in the dorm refrigerator). </p>


<p>Trojan Grounds and Commons sell single-serving cartons of skim, 2%, whole, and chocolate milk (The size you get with a cafeteria lunch or whatever).</p>

<p>I remember last year at Cafe 84, they also had plastic quarts, which are more economical if you drink a lot of milk.</p>

<p>Thanks. Information greatly apprecaited.</p>

<p>I know Trojan Grounds also has Vitamin D milk...which was all they had yesterday, but it tasted pretty good so I wasn't complaining. :) The cartons are on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator so your son might have overlooked them.</p>

<p>they have the little single-serving milks in tudor hall cafe, too, on ice.</p>

<p>milk in carton is best from what i recall as the vitamins are lost in other containers...don't know if its true but Superior usually only sells in Gallons</p>