Millersville OOS Merit Aid

Does anyone know when Millersville will be notifying prospective students what their Merit Aid will be? I know they offer a 6K Reduction in OOS tuition but looking to see if anyone has been awarded additional Merit Aid. S stats: 1390 SAT, 4.3 GPA

can you call the school and ask?

many here don’t know anything about Millersville or have even heard of it.

how much merit do you need? there are other schools that would give more merit than that for those stats.

what do you want the net costs to be?

When my son applied in 2017 it was only the $6k, then a little later he got notified of a credit towards housing the first 2 years - maybe $2500? He didn’t get anything above that, but his stats weren’t as good as yours. I’d call the school and ask. Good Luck!

This is true and it’s such a little gem with WONDERFUL Faculty and Staff. But you’re right… a lot of people HAVEN’T heard of it. I had never heard of it myself before attending a college fair for musicians and my son got introduced to his dream instructor. So we went to visit and met some faculty and staff in their School of Music and Millersville has catapulted to the top of his list.

@caryni , we’re going down there today and I have a meeting with Financial Aid, so will let you know. I DO know that in addition to the OOS 6K reduction and the housing discount, they DO offer departmental merit aid which my kid will qualify for if he nails his audition today. His grades are not good enough for academic merit so counting on the talent award. We shall see.

@BenniesMom1 just keep in mind that for a music major there can be additional costs.

Private lesson fees (at my son’s school it is $100/credit and he has to take 18 credits of private voice/piano).

Accompanist fee is another $100 or so per semester.

We have not run into that at ANY of the schools he’s auditioned at … and I’ve asked . The only place that

Did you ever get an answer as to how much aid? My son had similar numbers and is thinking of applying for 2021

He got a VERY nice music award package… but he didn’t accept it because it wasn’t guaranteed for all 4 years . The Sal Micheche award which he got $10,000 was good only for the first year . Same with some of the others he got . Then you have to reapply every year . He didn’t want the stress of not knowing where he stood every year . They tried to make it work by saying he could move off campus after his first year and save on room and board but again, not something he wanted to do .

So, sadly he had to say no to them . I wrote them a long letter and told them if they want to get and keep good people, they should open their pockets a bit more . Or have more renewable scholarships . They agreed .

He’s super thrilled with his choice at the moment and they threw all kinds of scholarships and grants his way so this momma is happy as well.

Still highly recommend that school . .