Milton for sure?

<p>So who here is pretty much POSITIVELY going to Milton?</p>

<p>I know I'm going FOR SURE unless something really weird financially happens D:
I got some FA, but it's still crazy expensive.</p>

<p>And so I can get an idea,
list your age/gender/first name/where from/grade pleasee:) I know that makes me sound like a complete creeper, but it's just for an idea ahah.</p>

<p>Karen: 14/F/TX/10th (repeat)</p>

<p>So maybe I might see yall if you go on revisit day on the 3rd!</p>

<p>Sankyoo :3</p>

<p>Well it is this St. Pauls or possibly Exeter. (likely the former two, though)</p>

<p>14/M/JohnDoe (to distinctive to an admission officer)/Midwest/9</p>

<p>HEYY (:
i'm probably going to Milton as well!
13/F/Lisa/Toronto, ON, Canada/9</p>

<p>Hahhaha yayyyy:)</p>

<p>Are yall going on the revisit days?</p>

<p>Sweet, you're from Toronto?

<p>yes yes, i'm from Toronto
yep I'm going to the revisit day
I think I'm going on April 7th
when are you guys going?</p>

<p>On the 3rd haha</p>